One thought on “Daily Catskills: 01/26/16

  1. John Hoeko

    Jenny Neal, about 20 years ago I owned 24 beautiful acres in Halcott replete with a Trout stream (Vly Creek); and, had an 25’x 80′ garden with deep, rich topsoil. I grew all sorts of vegetables and 4 varieties of sweet corn (early to late season; my best corn was Silver Queen from the Harris Seed Company. I had to electrify the garden as raccoons were devastating my corn crop. Also had an automatic sprinkling system. Can’t wait to get my 2016 Harris catalog. Am going to grow heirloom beefsteak tomatoes from seed on our tiny little plot (can get in about 8 plants); and, along the side of our house I grow Kirby cucumbers. Rita makes the best kosher dill pickles that I and others, like your neighbors, Michelle and Allan Sidrane have ever tasted! I’ll see if I can persuade Rita to part with a jar for you and Michael.


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