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I’ve paused Daily Catskills because I no longer get any feedback, and this website takes hundreds of hours to shoot and write. Do you enjoy the posts? Let me know and if enough people comment, I’ll pick it up this winter. I decided to enjoy this glorious fall in the Catskills instead of feeling pressure to get the best shot.

Additionally, I have a very long story to tell and I have started my memoir on Substack, the place where writers can get paid for their work. For a monthly subscription of $5, you can be entertained by all the stories behind the best pictures that have been offered free for the last decade. Do you want to read the – sometimes hilarious – stories behind these images? Hiking mishaps, radio daze, farming, food, booze, conversations and the dog’s life, in eight long-form posts a month: that’s 62 cents for an essay of 1000-2000 words.

If you’ve been enjoying Upstate Dispatch free for eight years, please consider subscribing so I can turn my story into a book. If you love what you see, please consider sharing on social media, so I can raise my subscriber level to make it worthwhile.


6 thoughts on “Daily Catskills

  1. Ford Fessenden

    just joined, and wondered at the gap. whatever you post is awesome, even if not daily. your sensibility is invaluable

  2. Alex Argyros

    Please keep posting. Reading your descriptions of the Catskills through the seasons is a part of my daily ritual. They bring me back to my youth, when I used to spend summers in Windham.

  3. Salley Decker

    Do you report “weather” for Poughkeepsie to the CBS network (television) in NYC? I believe that I have see your name.

    I enjoy your posts, but I have too much to do to comment on them. I cannot even keep up with my e-mail….and I’m retired! (Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to hike or I would be outdoors on a hiking trail
    on the nice days. I miss spending time in the woods!) Good luck!

  4. Glen Ahlers

    I’ve been tuning in just this year. We live in Brooklyn and bought a car this past April, spent just about every weekend driving up to the ‘high peaks’ to do a trail. We fell in love with it, and as of a month ago bought a house in Halcott. I’ve loved reading your blog by way of the daily emails for all the time I haven’t been up there. Your daily entries are a fantastic primer on life up there. Just this past weekend I felt a bit informed when chatting with a hay farmer over the lack of “3 straight dry days”, a concept I’d learned from your blog. Most importantly, its a welcome respite from hectic day to day of office life in the City and a welcomed persistent nag to spend more time in the most beautiful country. We’ve invested in building a life up in your neck of the woods, and your blog entries helped us make that decision.


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