Cosmik Ice-Cream

© J.N. Urbanski – Usage prohibited without consent

Innovation continues unabated here in the Catskills with the introduction of freeze-dried ice-cream. We’ve already recently heard about the new 100% electric vehicle designed and built here and now we have astronautical edibles.

The ice-cream is as unusual as you would expect: as tasty as wet ice-cream but rather more subtle, flavorful and not too sweet. The only downside is the texture and density, which are both a tad too unyielding for the teeth. But who bites into ice-cream over the age of ten anyway, even if you don’t have sensitive teeth?

This is a traveling treat (“enjoy anywhere on the planet”) and survives a hot climate: it’s light and flat. Plus, it lasts for two years. Break this little gem into pieces and enjoy on a hike or beach day.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, grate the bar into a glass of soda, and then add some vodka and then shake vigorously, like we did. You can transform this delicious treat into a Cosmik White Russian. Fun times.

© J.N. Urbanski – Usage prohibited without consent

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