Daily Catskills: 06/18/19

Rain beginning in the morning until early afternoon. Overcast with a luminous blanket of foggy cloud and humid with a high of 71F. Snapping turtle lays her eggs in a freshly dug hole by the side of the road. 90 days from now roughly 40 baby turtles will pop out of this anonymous mountain birthplace.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Catskills: 06/18/19

  1. Jack McShane

    You might want to put a secure mesh fence around the nest, that is, if it is on your own property as I had two torn up by a predator last year all eggs eaten.

    1. JNUrbanski Post author

      It’s by the side of the road, so would predators be wary of exposing themselves there?

  2. Jack McShane

    Come evening and night predators roam everywhere. Roadside is problematic in that fencing might be clipped by a car, and of course might the hatchlings when and if they arrive.


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