Catskills Cafes: Delaware County

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Many thanks to the owners of the Catskills cafes here in Delco that stayed open, even with limited hours or takeout service, during the rough times of this past year or so, when we needed them the most. Just to call them merely coffee shops would not have done these essential venues justice. Cafe life is a scene, with the kind of meeting places we know we can’t live without now, and it has taken nerves of steel for their owners just to have kept the lights on.

Cafes like Village East in Fleischmanns have fostered local community and been comfort in hard times. Places like the Stamford Coffee Shop have provided entertainment like game nights in addition to a solid, well-made latte.

Here are five of the best Catskills cafes noteworthy for coffee that packs a punch, dedicated service, excellent food or commitment to the community of our towns and villages of Delaware County.

Village East, Fleischmanns, NY 12430

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Cozy cafe Village East’s salads are as hearty and filling as a soup. Their poached pear, Gorgonzola, nut, and mixed greens salad is especially mouthwatering and beautifully dressed. All the sandwiches are made on their house-made focaccia. Food is served at tables gathered around a wood-burning stove. Co-owner Christine Panas has also curated a collection of dried hot peppers, dried mushrooms, spices, sauce mixes, and rare rice for sale that will inspire you to make soups and curries. There are also pastries, white, black or green teas, espressos and cappuccinos, all at very reasonable prices, and let’s not forget the great conversation.

Stamford Coffee, Main Street, Stamford, NY 12167

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Friendly, engaging baristas, warm atmosphere, lattes so strong they’ll have you taking your day by storm, game nights, books, tasty pastries and gifts like vintage records, coffee pots and home goods at Stamford Coffee. Go for the freshest coffee around and fabulous gifts. Stay for the Tarot Tuesday.

Cafe Marguerite, Margaretville, NY 12455

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Situated on Main Street, a few doors down from the DMV, Cafe Marguerite is infamous locally for its outstanding pastries like a gorgeous almond croissant, cakes and chocolate confections, also serving tea, coffee and spicy hot chocolate, the cafe has some indoor and outside seating.

Watershed, 53470 Route 30, Roxbury, NY 12474

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The Watershed has large verandah at the front on which to take a break, catch up with friends, sit, sip and people-watch in the vibrant village of Roxbury; outdoor tables at the back; locally sourced goods and products for sale; hot and cold sandwiches, soups, teas, coffees and wine.

Blue Bee Cafe, 114 Main Stret, Delhi, NY 13753

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The Blue Bee serves Tay Tea teas and truly exceptional, high-quality lunches with fresh ingredients and standout sides, like house-made beet salad and potato salad. Their meatloaf sandwich – that you’ll want to eat all over again – is well-seasoned and saucy, served in focaccia with just the right level of crustiness.

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