© J.N. Urbanski 12.30pm

© J.N. Urbanski 12.30pm

Upstate Dispatch takes hundreds of hours per month to research and write. Moreover, Upstate Dispatch pays its contributors for content and has since its inception September, 2014. We believe artists and writers should not have to work for free. We are also an advertisement-free site and will remain that way because we want you to enjoy the content and not worry about spam and pop-ups. Finally, we don’t charge for posts, or do sponsored content, meaning that all the content featured in this blog is what we love, do, make and see. The farming section is mostly what we grow on our small holding farm.

If you enjoy Upstate Dispatch, especially if you enjoy it regularly, please consider paying for the content you read here. Any donations received are used to pay for production costs. (Upstate Dispatch is NOT a non-profit organization.) And our sincere thanks for reading.

Best wishes, and Happy New Year!

J.N. Urbanski

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  1. Bill DeLanney

    Hi! My name is Bill DeLanney. I’m a person who makes images with a camera. I have been working on a project called The World Tour of New York. Photographs of international named villages,towns,cities located in New York. I have a website and this project is listed. Going to try and finish it this summer if possible. Great state, places and people. Just found your site and signed up.

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