Daily Catskills: 04/12/23

A balmy, summer-like day: clear skies, strong breeze with a glorious high of 77F. No global warming here, no sir! Lavender sunset highlights spring colors.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Catskills: 04/12/23

  1. Dorina Maxwell


    I read your post from 2015 about wild strawberries and would appreciate it very much if you could give me a general area address for picking those.
    I live in NYC and am not very familiar with Catskills.
    Many thanks,


  2. Judith Sperling

    Hi, You posted a picture of the old A.H. Todd & Son barn buildings in 2016. I am a very very remote relative of Ivan Humphrey who was a member of this firm for 30 years. He was Augustus H Todd’s son-in-law. I wanted to post that picture in Ivan Humphrey and Augustus Todd’s profile pages on Ancestry.com. I will gladly give any credit required and I can also post a web link to here or anywhere else you would like. Also, since I am so remote and just discovering this wing of the family through generations of in-laws and a half sibling, I actually don’t know what kind of business/firm this was. That’s what brought me here, trying to figure it out. Anyway, any info even without the picture would help. Thanks!


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