After the dreadful events of 9/11, many New Yorkers made a significant change in their life. Friends got married, split up, or moved away. City folk packed up and left, and many of the them made a beeline for the country.

Thirteen years later, the city still continually relinquishes occupants for economic and health reasons: a desire to have fresh air and clean food. New York City is more expensive and more stressful than ever. However, it’s a myth that country life is easier; it’s not all bucolic splendour. It’s harder work but infinitely more rewarding. You will know your neighbors. Furthermore, young people are turning to farming in unprecedented numbers in the quest to control at least part of their food system. University courses in agriculture spring up like new shoots all over the Northeastern US.

There’s a tendency for city folk to spend their first years in blissful, pastoral isolation though. And in the ‘skills there’s also plenty of entertainment and shopping for real, meaningful products of high quality that are made locally, if you know where to look. There’s a community to be sought out.

Based in the Central Catskills on the edge of the state park, Upstate Dispatch is a website devoted to the city folk who are making the country their home and their business. It’s a newsmagazine assisting urbanites navigating their way out of the big smoke and showcasing all the gorgeous Catskills have to offer them and, of course, the intrepid tourists who visit.


J.N. Urbanski, Editor-in-Chief [email protected]

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  1. William A. Piervincenzi

    This is my first visit to your beautiful blog. As a transplant, (part -time since 1973—full time since 1998), I can easily relate to the experiences of those you have written about. I have subscribed and will visit again often.

  2. William A. Piervincenzi

    Although I am a subscriber, your blog no longer appears in my E-Mail. Can you rectify this? I stopped receiving it when Margaretville Telephone revised their E-Mail format.

    1. JNUrbanski Post author

      Not sure how to do this William. Why don’t you try unsubscribing and then re-subscribing?

  3. Kevin Mattice


    I’ve just subscribed to your blog! I love your approach to this wonderful area that provides a more simplistic and simple life. I’m originally from Schenectady, NY but left to pursue a career in television and video production. That took me to NYC, Philadelphia and then to Connecticut where I worked for two media companies. Then the pandemic hit, I soon found a transition point in my life and headed to the mountains to renovate a mid century trailer. It was here I decided to start anew. Still freelancing for major companies and at the same time building a cable channel out of Margaretville. It hasn’t been easy, especially on a part time basis. Along with a team of committed folks in the area, we have now grown the channel to two cable systems in the Catskill region (Margaretville Telephone Company and Delhi Telephone Company). What I’d like to do is have a further discussion with you, to gauge your interest in providing video content for the CatskillsAir channel. Trust me, we operate on a very small budget, but if you want to leverage your content over a cable channel (hopefully and digital stream by year’s end), I’d be very interested in how we can make this work. Thank you for your time. Kevin Mattice, Program Director, CatskillsAir. [email protected]

    1. JNUrbanski Post author

      Hi Kevin – I have replied to you with an email. Please let me know if you don’t receive it. Thanks! Jenny


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