2 thoughts on “Daily Catskills: 05/05/18

  1. Jack McShane

    A ringneck snake- a cool and very benign little critter! Your words ‘be careful’ I hope was meant to help folks not injure them. They are harmless and part of our very important ecosystem. I saw today a very large fisher, only my second sighting in many years of inspecting our precious woodlands and its varied inhabitants.

    1. JNUrbanski Post author

      Thanks for the info! Yes, I meant be careful when moving rocks because you never know what might be under there and because the poor creature was in a rock wall. That would be the last place I would take a snooze. He’s obviously not worried about being sat on. I once saw a fisher walk by our house. It took me weeks to find out what it could have been because it was so unusual looking.


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