A Summer Party in Halcottsville

© J.N. Urbanski 2.30pm

On Saturday August 12th at 4pm, Ella’s Mercantile is having a summer party in Halcottsville, a favorite haunt of mine. It’s an exquisitely picturesque haven on a large boating lake, through which the historic railroad (DURR) runs. It’s postcard perfect. I’ve taken watercolor classes there; participated in a plein air painting group (with or without attendant goats); interviewed the reverends of the church for a local publication; exhibited my prints in The Grange and tasted tea with a friend. You can stay at Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm and kayak on Lake Wawaka. There’s even a fledgling Shakespeare Company in the works. The whole village is arguably one of the Catskills most beautiful places.

For visitors and people like me who need another excuse to visit, the village is aching for a small bar or gathering place in which you can get to know your neighbors. There’s nowhere to just go and sit and watch the world go by with a cup of tea. Well, there wasn’t until Ella’s Mercantile moved into the area. Now we have another excuse to visit and there’ll be nibbles and more tea, this time from Tay Tea. For a day trip: go to the Pakatakan Farmer’s Market on Route 30 in the morning for delicious eats and other produce. Kayak on Lake Wawaka and go to the party at 4pm. My perfect Saturday outing is now in the works.

© J.N. Urbanski 10.15am

© J.N. Urbanski 6/16/15 12.39

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