Outsider’s Kitchen & Cafe

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The Outsider’s Kitchen & Cafe opened last week on Route 30 between Margaretville and Halcottsville at the old station by the railroad tracks opposite the golf course. Chocoholics can go right to the funny cake based on a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe: a delicious blend of crunchy cake topping, with a rich, sticky, gooey filling, all in a pie crust. The more health conscious can get house made orange, coconut, almond granola, with yoghurt parfait, or you can buy it packed dry to go. It’s granola with a citrus zing that’s complemented by the earthy coconut. There are also scones and muffins available too. For lunch: large, thick, square portions of breakfast pizza look like they can cure all sizes of hangover; thick sandwiches on ciabatta, salads and soups are offered along with the usual beverages like coffee and tea. There’s ample parking and a nice view of the golf course. A very welcome addition to the Saturday errands route: take the garbage to the transfer station and stock up on produce at the Pakatakan Farmer’s Market.

© J.N. Urbanski – Usage prohibited without consent

3 thoughts on “Outsider’s Kitchen & Cafe

  1. Karen Walter

    I’m your neighbor… 1st house on the right at Batavia Hts. Circle. I’ve been watching your renovations & the place looks wonderful. Good to see all the cars in your parking lot, so I hope that means you’re off to a great start.
    I sent your info & pics to my friend, so we’ll be in soon for some lunch.
    Can’t wait to try your baked goods!
    Best Wishes for success.

    1. Julie Landes

      Hi neighbor Karen!! Thanks so much; we’ve been off to a great start. Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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