Catskills Air Network – New Catskills TV Station

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Happy Birthday Upstate Dispatch! It’s been six years since the website begun and the birthday was spent filming the pilot of our local Catskills news broadcast. I’m one of the news anchors with Kent Garrett (pictured right), under my maiden name, Jenny Neal. The project is being developed for MTC Corporation, who are opening up their News Channel 10 for our weekly newscast; The MARK Project and apparently tireless producer Jessica Vecchione.

Kent Garrett and I were formerly colleagues at WIOX Radio and now we’re going to be colleagues on television.

3 thoughts on “Catskills Air Network – New Catskills TV Station

  1. Stephen Finkel

    What is the project airtime for the weekly show? Will it “grow” to daily at some point, hope so! Good luck to all!


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