Daily Catskills: 03/21/22

Brilliant sunshine with clouds getting lost in the vast expanse of light blue like chunks of cotton wool. A high of 46F and a low of 30F, with high winds of 30 mph making it even chillier. A first spring dip into the stream this year for the Alfie, the Black Lab.

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    1. JNUrbanski Post author

      Hi Emily – no he didn’t. I thought about it for months and decided not to for several reasons: because Alfie is so active, there is no way I could stop him from moving, so there was a high chance that he would ruin either types of surgery, and one of those surgeries looked barbaric to me. I was told by the surgeon that he would have to be inactive for at least a month with one option, and I know for sure that an inactive Alfie would be thoroughly miserable and rather lose the leg. I found out later that he will get arthritis in his knee whatever we choose. Finally, I was not told at the time that a third option would be to have him manage the injury himself, which he has done, carefully, while I was considering what to do. He’s a free spirit, stubborn, strong, smart and like the river always moving. I chose what he would have chosen and he’s doing really well. Well, actually he chose for me while I was thinking about it! The vet gave me some stretching exercises and he’s been doing those in the snow! I will write a post about it. Thanks for asking


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