Northern Catskills Essentials

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You can now order one of the Catskills’ best beauty products by phone or email from Northern Catskills Essentials and it’s worth it for the $4 delivery charge anywhere in New York State. This $7 soap is made by hand in Stamford, Upstate New York – just north of the Catskills State Park and it’s a gorgeous product. Reasonably priced in stylish packaging, the soap makes a superb gift in addition to the company’s creams and lotions. It’s beautifully light with a smooth creamy lather that doesn’t dry out the skin, which is a miracle as far as soap is concerned. The scents made with natural essential oils are robust, but not overwhelming. Finally, the packaging is sustainable paper and with each bar, you’ll be throwing out one less plastic bottle of shower gel. Treat yourself and you’ll never use another soap again.

2 thoughts on “Northern Catskills Essentials

  1. Amy Metnick

    Oh good news! I heard from a vendor last month that she was no longer making products and I was very disappointed. I’m delighted that she’s back in business. I especially love her creams and lotions.

    1. JNUrbanski Post author

      Thanks Amy. Please share this post on social media because not a lot of people know this. Cheers


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