Grow Your Own Mushroom Kits

© J.N. Urbanski – Usage prohibited without consent

I know what you’re thinking. This looks hideous. Who would eat this? But, If you’re an avid mushroom hunter, a devotee of all things mycological, then you’ll miss the vast array of mushrooms that were available in the forest during the warmer seasons. Pictured above is a mushroom grow kit, specifically Lion’s Mane, a delicate, fragrant mushroom with a taste and texture that’s a cross between lobster and truffles. I found only one stash of Lion’s Mane back in August in the forest and it was delicious. I’m trying to recreate this mushroom in my kitchen with a grow kit purchased from Catskill Fungi, but I think the room is a bit too light and warm. Mushrooms are extraordinarily sensitive and I have not been able to encourage this packet to achieve its full potential. In the wild, it looks like this:

© J.N. Urbanski – Usage prohibited without consent

My mushrooms dry out before they reach that tender stage that looks like an opaque waterfall.

I ate it anyway, and it was delicious, if a little dry. Once you’ve harvested the mushroom, it will fruit several times before you throw it into the compost. I’ve a feeling that it will take several packages before I find the right spot for my grow kit. It has to be out of direct sunlight and just the right balance between warm and cool. If you have an obsessive mycologist in the family, this might be a good holiday gift.

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